Run for Life - Ladies From China (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-05-26
Summary: Tries to be dramatic, but ....
With this cast, you'd expect a sexy romp with tons of nudity. Pauline Chan, Chan Wing Chi, Rena Otomo and Charlie Cho have spent many films each getting nude'n'sweaty.

But not in this one. Pauline Chan spends the entire movie looking concerned. The normally-luscious Chan Wing Chi is stuck with a haircut and look which makes her appear rather plain. Rena provides the only actual titillation, by wearing a see-thru top for about ten seconds.

Perhaps this was a strategy to get the audience to focus on the story and the dramatics. Pity there's so little of either.

Actually, the plot is a fairly busy domestic soap opera which rises above cheap (and dull) melodrama only a couple of times. Melvin Wong has played many villains, but he just isn't mean enough for his character here, even when he stabs his woman in a moment of anger.

Nothing to recommend here.
Reviewer Score: 1