Tiger on the Beat (1988)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-06-06
Summary: A real mess
This movie is a mixture of great action set-pieces, god-awful story and dreadful acting - even by the great Chow. And Chow's loud shirts are really something else.....

First, the action. With so many fu/action stars, you'd expect stunning pieces ... and this one delivers. My favourite is the battle of the chainsaws between Conan Lee and Gordon Liu.

Chow grins a lot, and acts goofy. Apparently, he was taking off Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. His character's treatment of Nina Li is simply awful, and the scene where he beats her up, including smashing a coffee table with her head, is hard to watch without cringing.

A little trivia - Maria Cordero, who sang in Chow's great City On Fire also sings the theme song here.

Very puzzling is the billing of two greats from the Shaw Brothers heyday. Ti Lung is credited as "Tommy Tam", and David Chiang as "John Keung". Gawd knows why. But perhaps the second reviewer has something when he says this harks back to those glory days. Is it possibly they are using two of the former stage names of these old greats ?

Anyway, fast-forward through the scenes where people aren't getting beaten to a pulp, and you'll certainly enjoy this classic no-brainer. Otherwise.......
Reviewer Score: 4