Dream Lovers (1986)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-06-09
Summary: Moody, but with problems
I found the general eeriness sometimes effective, but sometimes an awful red herring. For instance, when Chow and Bridgette are in the supermarket - the eerie music signals ..... nothing.
The scenes between Chow and Cher Yeung are wonderful. They convey the sense of a couple mad about each other - until things go wrong. Then, the reactions of both are spot on.
Compare this with the interaction of Chow with Bridgette. There's practically no spark at all, except in their final scene, which is so overdone as to be equally unconvincing.
And the ending only makes this worse.
It's my opinion that the lack of any chemistry between Chow and Bridgette (which is the crucial relationship of the plot) is the single big flaw in this film.
There is much else to recommend it. The imagery is pretty good, Cher Yeung puts in a great performance, and the two old guys aren't bad either.
Overall, a little annoyingly mixed.
Reviewer Score: 7