Executioners (1993)
Reviewed by: TequilaYuen on 2000-06-11
Summary: I tried to like it!

Lemme start off by saying that I really did want to like this film. I loved the pop art Heroic Trio and all it's silliness, but this film just fell so flat for me. I can handle it being a dark film, but this is pitch black and so grim! After a devastating nuclear war, pure water is scarce in HK. The three fighting Divas must once again regroup as 'the Heroic Trio' to battle an evil overlord and vie for control of the purified water. This film could have worked if it had a little more in the script department. The
action sequences were top notch and it did have a very intriguing plot. But it
wasted so much time on thinking of ways to kill of it's characters.

Maggie Cheung (So BEAUTIFUL!) returns as Chat (formerly known as theif
catcher). Anita Mui now has a daughter (constantly in peril, very annoying!), and spends most of her time locked up in prison. She avoids the poisoned food and becomes so hungry that she rips the head from a rat and drinks it's blood. Michelle Yeoh has very little screen time and spends most of it protecting the pure water. Lau Ching wan, Takeshi Kaneshiro,
and Anthony Wong (three of my favorites) all turn up supporting roles, but are nowhere nearly used to their fullest!

Overall, very dissapointing.