Just Heroes (1989)
Reviewed by: TequilaYuen on 2000-06-11
Summary: Good John Woo Action, but Patented Characterization Missing
I would really liken this film to the Replacement Killers. Antione Fuqua had a real feel for the Hk style gunfights and editing, but that all has to be backed by good characterizations. This film was much the same way.

Co directed in part by Wu Ma and John Woo (it's obvious Woo didn't write this). The plot concerns itself with the death of a head triad and the internal struggle over who will take over. There are many doublecrosses and scenes ofnervous gangsters. But I really couldn't follow the film well. I have watched it twice now and I still can't remember any characters names and the causes of some of their actions.

Overall, the plot is cofusing- VERY confusing. The gunplay sequences are perfectly filmed and show much of the technical skill he later had perfected in Hard boiled. one big problem in the end is a very unfunny sidekick who makesjokes (mostly slapstick uuuggghhh! ).