Why Me? (1985)
Reviewed by: TequilaYuen on 2000-06-11
Summary: Bought it for Chow Yun Fat, Stayed For Kent Cheung
This film was indeed a suprise. It came with my lot of CYF dvd's. I was wary of this one, Chow looks very young on the cover and his hair looks from the late seventies, but he looked ok in the film.

The real focus of this film however, is Kent Cheung. He is amazing as a mentally retarded man living in a HK villa with his mother. He is a good son, and is still harassed by local thugs. He is brought some help by a social worker who wants to get Cheung (named 'Fat Cat') and his mother some help. They live so modestly, and cause the social worker to question her own life, and familyproblems. I would hate to give away what happens, but i'll just say that Fat Cats mom is severely ill, the bullies do not stop, and there are many parts of the film which could bring tears from a stone! Chow yun fat also has a very pivitol role asthe film progresses (which worried me in the beginning).

My only hangup about this film was the apperance of Eric Tsang (my new Hk enemy, he is So annoying in every film he is in that he almost brings each one to a standstill!).

All in all, very worth the viewing. Kent Cheung won the Hk best actor award for his performance, and deservedly so! He was also the director, and many of the shot setups, camera angles and set decor is amazing! I'd take this film over a million 'Forrest Gumps', this film is so simple, and in that says so much more!