Hero from Beyond the Boundary of Time (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-03
Summary: Unlikeable lead char but fun fantasy
Yet again, Tony LeungCW plays an abrasive jokey womanizer, whom women seem to find irresistible. Having 7 wives already, he spends much of the movie wooing the luscious Ha to be number eight.

The producers chose well to give the early shower scene to the luscious Ng Suet Man (discreetly but gloriously nude) rather than Veronica Yip. And the lovely Ng is the most watchable feature of this film - until the colourful and stunning climactic wirework fight scene.

There is a fairly full-on sex scene, where Bo screws the loan shark's wife while chatting up Ha on the phone (do women really fall for this crap ?).

Overall, a wild ride. And it would have been twice as good if Tony LWC had NOT played such an arrogant prick.

Previously published:
A sort-of comedy version of The Iceman Cometh (the HK movie, not Eugene O'Neill's play). Tony Leung travels to the future to find a virtuous woman (i.e. a virgin) in modern HK, in order to prevent a dire fate, prophesied by the emperor's fortune teller, befalling the emperor. The story is a mixture of great flying-people stunt-work, really stupid comedy and lame romance. I find the character Leung plays most puzzling. He's one of the most obnoxious and loathsome "heroes" I've ever seen in HK filmdom. Something like Stephen Chow, but far less funny (by the way, I think S/Chow is at times quite good comedian, certainly far from great). What ANY woman could find attractive in this guy has me stumped, let alone him having seven or eight wives (he keeps forgeting how many) and still eventually winning the attention of the luscious Veronica Yip (for her fans : she appears in one discreet but still
pulse-racing shower scene). His strategy to pick up Veronica, basically, is to shower her with insults. OVERALL : Don't be in a great hurry to rent it. When/if you do, get it on video, and keep a finger poised over the fast-forward button. If Leung's dealings with the female characters disgust you (as they did me), hit it till it reaches the next fight scene.
Reviewer Score: 7