The Barren Virgin (1985)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-04
Summary: Silly smutty soapie
Don't be fooled by the cover, promising much nudity. There is a lot of smutty talk here, and some fairly full-on medical discussion about gynaecological matters, but sexy Cat III this ain't !
The title refers to the lead character being unable to fully have sex due to an industrial strength ..... well, you know.
There are a few brief topless scenes, and one very discreet full nude scene, but most of the story is a silly and tasteless soap opera about three women trying to catch guys.
Given that the film starts with a wedding and finishes with two weddings (then a sex scene), it technically qualifies as a comedy. And much of the content, even of the serious medical stuff, is treated so lightly as to be comic.
On the upside, the opening sequence is stunning - a parade of huge glowing toys in Tokyo Disneyland, set to the most beautiful theme music.
Pity about the remainder !
And the final scene is a stunner. One of the most wildly overdone pieces of sexual imagery I've ever seen in HK cinema. A memorably awful end to a dreadfully disappointing failed skinflick.
Reviewer Score: 2