Missing Man (1989)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-06
Summary: Dull overheated melodrama
With this star-power, it should have been at least entertaining. Joey, particularly, is clearly working hard here, trying to act and, if anything, overacting. Carrie and Alex are two dependables, and Leon Lai's usually good value.
The story is a major problem. I think it was supposed to be a mystery, but it tries to do soap opera and melodrama as well. There's really no focus, and one gets lost. Mind you, the lack of subtitles probably helped too !
Joey looks lovely, and Carrie gives her all, as usual. Alex does a competent job of a difficult role.
The eventual revelation of the murderer, and that character's quick change of demeanour is supposed to be shocking, but it's really rather silly.
Fans of any of the main actors may enjoy bits of this. Not suitable for anyone else.
Reviewer Score: 3