The Killer (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-08
Summary: Gordon Liu does Dirty Harry
Pretty basic crooked-cop-pursuing-violent-murderer yarn. Gordon Liu adopts a Clint Eastwood look and pretty much slums his way through. Cheng Yuen Man provides good looks and fireworks,
, Yung Ngai and Chan Pui Kei look pretty good too. Another veteran b-grade actor, Lau Siu Gwan, gives the best performance as the cuckolding Sam.
Not a bad way to pass 80 minutes.
I appreciated this movie, mainly because the opening credits show the star's names against their photos. At last, I worked out who the hell former beauty Siu Yam Yam is !
Lastly, I cannot be sure if this movie was made in 1990, though it was certainly made sometime in the early 90s (the promotional material verfiies this).
Reviewer Score: 6