Magnificent Bodyguards (1978)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-14
Summary: Surreal take on Star Wars
.... right down to a few scenes which were outright stolen ! Where Chan is dropped into a pit with snakes - a steal from the scene where the three heroes are dumped into a garbage compactor. And the royal thanks ceremony too - but with a very different spin !
The plot is creaky, episodic and ... well, weird. A bunch of people go on a journey, for no really apparent reason, for which they are warned over and over again they could all pay for with their lives. The actual danger is a long time coming, but pretty full-on once it starts. Very silly stuff, nevertheless.
The print I saw of this film was just awful. Scratchy, random cuts, a couple of scenes played twice in a row, and almost nothing but STRONG primary colours. On the upside, the fights and coreography are great fun, and numerous.
Overall, I'd rank it around the middle rank of Chan's films. Far better than, say, the dreadfully lame First Strike or Rumble In The Bronx, but nowhere near as well made or as much fun as City Hunter or Drunken Master II.
Reviewer Score: 5