Liu Jai Home for the Intimate Ghosts (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-15
Summary: Sexy, kinky and great fun
The success of the wonderful Erotic Ghost Story spawned many flowing silk period piece erotica copycats, and Liu Jai is one of the best. Colourful costumes and scenery, gorgeously photographed, acres of beautiful nude bodies, and just the right balance of wild humour and darker stuff.
The lead actors are pretty much unknowns, though they are supported by some familiar faces (Charlie Cho - possibly HK's busiest actor, veteran Chung Fat, with brief appearances by Siu Yam Yam and Elsie Chan).
This one is a treat. Get it if you can.

Previously published:
Marital discord is something many of us are familar with, but how do a husband and wife handle it if they are both ghosts ? The wife (named only as Madam) is a domineering, has an extraordinary appetite for sex, and wants her husband to hire more (male) servants to keep her satisfied. The husband, Master Mandy (!) meekly obeys his wife (at least, at first) by leaving her alone all day while the servants go about their duties. Mandy starts off fancying June (a maid) but, for no clear reason, not much happens between them after that. Mandy goes into town to check out the applicants for servant, and the job description is that they have an erection so powerful that no woman could survive sex with them (and that's Mandy's plan). The successful applicant, however, is so successful that the wife comes during sex for the first time and the guy dies. Meanwhile, Mandy buys a young virgin (Jade Wu) and (initially at least) dissuades her from sleeping with him. He does have a good reason..... And we're not even half-way through yet ! /// There are a couple of very cruel scenes. One of a painful and humilating rape, and another where three of the servants who can no longer perform are terminated by Madam, after June fails to arouse them (hell, they'd have to be dead already). /// Proceedings are generally pretty grave and serious, though Charlie Cho (as the junior Taoist) provides wackiness in the few scenes in which he appears. /// Does it earn the Cat 3 rating ? Yes. Right from the opening seconds, you see exactly what you're in for. Generous un-coverage of gorgeous bodies of both sexes, and plenty of sex action. The final scenes, where the taoists fight Madam provide some pretty good flying-people stuff, and were fillmed on the courtyard set from Erotic Ghost Story.

pretty much an average ghost-porno (which means it's worth watching), with a few beautiful scenes and dashes of brutality.
Reviewer Score: 8