The Pearl of Oriental (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-24
There's plenty of bed-hopping here, and the sex scenes are not bad, though very short, and none of the actors appear fully nude (probably due to censorship to get the Category III rating). This film strongly reminded me of (the HK) Pretty Woman (which starred Veronica Yip). It shares two of the same actors playing very similar parts (Tong & Suen), and presents a similar weird mix of sex, fu fighting and corporate dirty double-dealing.

But Pearl Of Oriental is nowhere near as good. It lacks Pretty Woman's wonderfully wacky humour and is not as well paced or directed. That said, it's quite a pleasant Cat III exploitation flick, and remarkable for having a body count of zero. Yes, you read it right. Despite several spectacular brawls with steel bars, a couple of knife fights, some wrist-slashing, and even one character (justly) getting knifed in the dick, no-one dies !

Reviewer Score: 6