Bloody Friday (1996)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-26
Summary: Excellent !
There's a heart-pounding set-action-piece early on in this flick, involving a couple of motorcycles in a steelyard. We were left gasping. And the standard and pace never slacken after that.
Simon Yam does fine in the role of a cop who's chasing a clever and cruel multiple killer, and the tension only increases when his work colleagues, then his wife and child are in danger of becoming the next victims.
The climax is an on-top-of-your-seat nailbiter, and the final few frames top it off gaspingly.
A definite must-see.

Previously published review:
Excellent. An always-helmetted motorbike rider is committing brutal murders unchecked, and always while the police are closeby. The rider is completely reckless, lucky and skilful. The first big chase/fight sequence, in a building site, is simply breathtaking. We had to watch it again straight away ! A friend commented "If that's the opener, what are they going to do for the finale ?". The killer keeps getting more bold and brazen, taunting the lead detective (Simon Yam) and giving him clues to the next victim, and expressing disappointment at their stupidity. The spectacular bike/stunt/chase scenes continue, and they
never disappoint. Eventually, Yam discovers his wife and daughter are to be the next victims. While trying to save them, he find out how the killer has been able to get away with it. Story not totally absorbing or believeable, but rates high on the rollercoaster index. Just enough rest stops to get your breath back for the next spectacular stunt and outrageous plot twist.
Reviewer Score: 10