The Sichuan Concubines (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-26
Summary: Eerie and erotic
It's very hard to find much sense on this film. There are long leisurely scenes which frequently jump-cut to other scenes with no connection.

The photography is superb, the film has an overall gorgeous look, and is a treat to watch. It appears to be an art film, with it's non-linear structure. However, it aso works well as erotica, with some lovely nudity and sex scenes.

The lack of sense combined with the sometimes gruesome subject matter creates an eerie feeling, which I found lingered long after.


Previously published:
A beautiful, erotic and sometimes disturbing film. The story set somewhere in the past is a bit hard to follow, but seems to be about young lovers who can never be together. Arty, gorgeously photographed with enough nudity and sex to hold the interest of the non-artistic.
Reviewer Score: 8