Oh! Yes Sir!!! (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-07-26
Muddled nonsense, occasionally fun vehicle for Frankie Chan, as the intrepid police inspector Power Chan.

Eric Tsang, in drag as the cops' auntie spirit medium and trying very hard to be wacky, has never been less funny, and could well have stayed away.

There are a number of running gags, and one which works is Power's reaction to the porno film director Ho (Charlie Cho, who else ?), whom Power's girlfriend is using to break into movies. When cornered, all Power has to do is hypnotize himself into believing his opponent is Ho, then nothing can stop him.

Worth watching is Papaya (the sexy Lily Lee), a prostitute friend of the cops. The film pinches more than a little from Sam Raimi's Darkman, notably the amazing disguises used by Nine Face Fox.
Overall - below average.
Reviewer Score: 3