The Lunatics (1986)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-08-04
Summary: Flawed but quite good
I pretty much agree with TequilaYuen's review. Here's a few more comments.
The script and structure of this film leaves much to be desired. The opening 1/2 hour has a serious and overly ponderous tone which makes one want to reach for the eject button. A couple of things hold the interest (but only just). One is the old hag with the tin cans (she's a scream). The other is the quality of the acting which, despite the uneven script, is very high.
Stanley Fung gives a very good performance as the earnest and skilled mental health worker.
But the story begins to gel, suddenly, when Chow Yun Fat appears. He's only on for ten minutes, but his performance as the frightened neurotic Chung is compelling. Makes you wonder why his part wasn't enlarged.
But the best performance is given by veteran Paul Chun, as the recovered (or so it seems) divorced dad who grieves for lack of access to his adored young son.
The billing of the actors in the front credits is misleading, because it is "in order of appearance". Therefore, I've set Stanley Fung and Deannie Yip to 1 and 2, being the main characters, with Paul Chun at 3 being the main support actor. Tony Leung, given "top billing", appears only in the opening and closing scenes. Chow YF, given eighth billing, is clearly more important, though still with a small part.
And watch out - the ending is very depressing, and involves more than one character being killed.

Reviewer Score: 8