Saviour of the Soul (1991)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-03-16
Summary: Gets better with each viewing!
Yup it does. I just watched it tonight for the 5th time, and it is still getting better! Here is a movie that must be seen in its entirely to be appreciated; i.e. don't watch it for 10 minutes and turn it off and call it a stupid movie, because you have just missed some of the best of HK cinema in the latter 80 minutes. This is the only modern HK movie that has impressed me with its action. Others like Naked Killer, In the Line of Duty 3 and Drunken Master 3--the action in those modern movies are painfully embarrassing, but Saviour of the Soul definitely has superb action. However, the action is not the only masterful part of the movie. It is that along with the flawless storyline, the world-class acting, the make-you-burst-aloud humor and the gorgeous cinematography and camera work that make this one of the best HK movies ever made. This is probably better than the Heroic Trio.

Reviewer Score: 10