A Chinese Ghost Story II (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-09-14
Summary: A definite must-see
This is THE movie which turned me from a HK movie fan into a fanatic.

It's hard to think of a genre which this spectacular film doesn't cover. Ghost, Flying People, Comedy, Horror, Action etc....

Tsui Hark and Cheng Siu Tung keep the rollercoaster whipping along at a breathtaking pace. The visuals are first-rate (apart from a few extremely tacky special effects and awful models !), there are unexpected plot turns at least every few minutes, and even a Taoist Rap !

See it and die.

Previously published review:
CLASSIC ! In 1991, this was THE film which turned me from a Hong Kong movie fan into a fanatic. From then until a month ago (late '97), this was my all-time favourite HK (now edged into 2nd place by the similarly-titled Erotic_Ghost_Story_2). This is a film clearly made to go absolutely all out to please and thrill an audience. All stops are pulled in this wild rollercoaster, and I can't think of a genre that it doesn't cover. Stunning colour and photography. Wild changes of pace. Characters suddenly and unexpectedly changing form all over the place. Leslie Cheung singing the hilarious Taoist Rap (worth the price of rental alone !). Joey Wong transforming into a corpse-monster, and Leslie scoring the job of transferring healing energy to her (mouth to mouth) before the change is irreversible. Every scene in which the fierce Swordsman Hu (looking like an Asian Kevin Kline) appears is just great. Pity he didn't get a place in CGS3. Not that this film is without faults. I'd love to have seen more of Swordsman Hu. The models of the monsters are appallingly cheap. And the film does go on too long at the end (I was exhausted after the first hour !). But these are only quibbles. No fan of HK film (or movies in general) should miss this one!
Reviewer Score: 10