Yu Pui Tsuen II (1987)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-09-23
Summary: Excellent
Served as the original template for Sex And Zen and, when S&Z became a hit, this one was re-released around 1996 and, therefore, even spawned a long-overdue sequel of its own.
In my opinion, this film is superior to S&Z in almost every respect. Where S&Z plays mostly for comedy, YPTII is pretty much straight and sexy. Where the storyline of S&Z is choppy and rather hard to follow, YPTII is pretty smooth and sensible. And I actually think the darker tone of YPTII suits the story much better.
S&Z definitely wins out on production values, photography and gorgeous famous women. But YPTII has (surprisingly) a LOT more luscious sex and nudity, and it is much better done.
Despite the really depressing ending, I highly recommend this film.
Reviewer Score: 9