Fantasy Romance (1991)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-09-24
Summary: So-so ghost-human romance
Joey achieved fame by playing this role many time, with varying degrees of success. In this one, she's only so-so, and so is the story. She again teams up with Tong Leung CW (as she did in CGS III), and there's about the same chemistry as before (very little).

However, Joey looks great (though she's not on screen long enough), Tony Leung does a better than usual job with the comedic lead part, and it's always a pleasure to see great actors like Paul Chun and Tin Fung in support roles.
Overall - it's okay, but don't expect too much.

Previously published:
Cartoonist Stupid Shing's (Leung Chiu-Wai) luck, never good, is getting worse. His girlfriend dumps him, his boss ("Lemon Head") takes him for granted, and his comics just don't have that certain something. Then he creates a ghost character who comes to life (so to speak) as Ching (the luscious Joey Wong, doing her usual sweet and playful ghost bit). Shing proves just how stupid he is, by both rejecting Ching's advances, then trying to exorcise her from his house (I can't imagine many blokes wanting to escape the clutches of one of Asia's great honeys). But, despite his best efforts, they become a romantic couple, and everything looks fine........ but ....... his neighbour, a nutty old taoist (played by a very well-known bit part actor, often doing this sort of role, not Lam Ching Ying) warns that is Shing's luck improves, Ching will fade away. Shing scoffs but, as the comic becomes more successful, so does he, and the prediction comes true. How will he get her back ? Will he keep her if he does ? Much is pinched from Wong's persona in Chinese_Ghost_Story, but she's on screen far too little for my liking. The essential elements of wuxia are all here, but it takes more than just the ingredients to make a great dish. The result is, at best, mildly entertaining.
Reviewer Score: 6