City on Fire (1987)
Reviewed by: TequilaYuen on 2000-10-06
Summary: One of the best films ever ripped off.
Ok, tarantino has the dialogue. But no one can doubt how blatant a rip off "Reservoir Dogs" was from this film. Tarantino's film is broken to basics and uses stylistic violence, Lam's films is a police action fare (he's the HK master). What I love about Lam's films are the realism, whereas John Woo (my fave) is highly stylized. All that considered, City On Fire is the tragic story of Ko Chow, A HK undercover cop who blurs the line between right & wrong, and loyalty while working undercover to bring down a jewlery robbing syndicate. A word of note for DVD fans, the picture quality of this DVD and sound quality are a perfect transfer! It looks and sounds fantastic!