The Case of the Spirit of Banana (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-10-10
Summary: Wacky cover but nothing special
The cover of this one is misleading to say the least. It promises a wacky comedy starring Alex Man and Dick Wei.
The story is essentially a third-rate copy of Chinese Ghost Story moved to the present day, and is more lame than wacky, and definitely lacks the romatic feel of CGS. Also Alex and Dick only appear in a couple of scenes each, and could better be described as guest stars.
The leading man, Cheung Kwok Keung, suffers from being completely unmemorable. I've seen him in more than a dozen films, but I'm always surprised to see his name in the credits and think "oh, so that was him".

Overall - only if you're bored.
Reviewer Score: 3