Ghost's Lover (1987)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-10-27
Summary: Really really awful
This is supposed to be an Adult Horror flick. There's certainly quite a lot of Adult Themes (i.e. characters going on about sex), and a couple of sex scenes (fully clothed), but no nudity. Also, the horror doesn't even start until 55 minutes in. And it's not even in the classic gradual-hints-about-something-weird stuff. It's a straightforward domestic drama with a few kooky references (e.g. the neighbours are high-tech Taoists with computers). The only even vague hint of something odd is the mystery lover ordering a bloody mary. There's quite a lot of pleasant touristy scenery and colour around Seoul, but it's not enough. Even the normally-reliable Kwan Hoi San can't save this lame crap.

One bonus - the subtitles are HUGE and very easy to read !
Reviewer Score: 1