Wing Chun (1994)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-01-21
A solid martial arts actioner directed by the majestic Yuen Wo Ping and his prodigy Donnie Yen and, of course, the main attraction Michelle Yeoh. The whole cast is excellent, and everyone stands out. But I thought Norman Chu was exceptionally suited for his slick villainous role. The movie is a kung fu movie rather than a swordplay movie, which means the actors actually have real skills. Many many great moments: Michelle VS Donnie, Donnie VS the monkey villain, Norman Chu VS Michelle and Michelle VS the monkey villain, all of which are top notch fights! But the best scene of all has Michelle Yeoh trying to hold a table of tofu still while bringing damage to a kung fu master from Canton. The movie sticks to a optimistic tone, and no one, not even a villain, dies! (actually one guy did die, but he was a sick and was not killed or anything) You'll never see a cooler villain or a happier finale, in which Michelle Yeoh looks prettier than ever(too bad she really can't do wing chun)! Though not a believable story, it's better than anything that comes out these days.