Dragon Inn (1992)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2000-11-11
Summary: 1 of the best! Unforgettable
Even though quality of the video I got is trashcan worthy and the languages was in Cantonese, which I do not speak, I loved "Dragon Inn"! The fact that Brigitte Lin is my favorite actress of all time and Tony Leung's fabulous performance, plus the outstanding sword fights and a unique storyline make this one of the stand-outs of the early 90's. Better than 90% of all period movies out there. I loved the part how Brigitte and Tony's characters tricked the general into believing that they were from the capital and that the Eunuch's guys are the criminals, when Tony is actually the one wanted. That, along with Maggie Cheung's character's hilarious style of life prevented the movie from taking everything so serious, which made it extremely fun to watch! [9/10]