Hold You Tight (1998)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-11-19
Summary: Well acted and directed, but rather dull
Chingmy seems to be having a go at being a serious actress here, playing the roles of two women bound for the same plane. One misses the flight (because of the stupidity of a disgustingly stereotyped Filipina maid), while the other catches the plane, and dies when it crashes.

The story hops around between several sets of characters, and their eventual interactions are gradually revealed. Eric Tsang stands out as Tong, a gay real estate salesman. He even make his first appearance in the film in a pretty full-on gay sex scene (he receives). Even Sandra Ng plays it understated and straight (wonder how long she took to recover ??).
I lost interest after half an hour. It's all too slow, and there's far too little of Chingmy onscreen. Anyone want to review the rest ?
Reviewer Score: 3