Mr. Vampire Part 2 (1986)
Reviewed by: ipkevin on 2000-11-26
Summary: Disappointing sequel
A sequel to the classic Mr. Vampire, Mr. Vampire 2 tries to spice things up by moving the setting from ancient China to modern-day Hong Kong and including a whole family of bloodsuckers. Unfortunately, the execution is mediocre at best. This film is unrelentingly stupid and none too thrilling. Prospective viewers should prepare themselves for unfunny slapstick and facial mugging that would embarrass Jackie Chan, combined with shameless pandering by way of a cute little vampire boy. The latter scenes are especially annoying. Inevitably, the little vampire comes into contact with a fat little brother & sister team who confuse him for an illegal Chinese immigrant. Of course, the kids are dubbed with the distinct and massively irritating "pouty dumb child" voice that is the norm in Hong Kong films.

The action scenes aren't much better. Despite the presence of Yuen Biao filling in for Chin Siu Ho, there aren't any great feats of athleticism or martial arts. Indeed, the close quarters "evade the vampire" scenes in this film suffer in comparison to similar scenes in the original. There's little of the inventive choreography from the first film and certainly none of the acrobatics. The movie comes to life in fits and starts, with only a few early scenes and the climax coming close to the excitement of the first film. Oh, and what's with the dangling plotlines?

Bottomline, Mr. Vampire 2 is worth a watch for fans of the series, but it's nothing you'll want to search out and own on tape or disc.