No-one Can Touch Her (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-12-28
Summary: Below Average
In quantity, there is a fair amount of fight scenes in this patriotic period action flick. But these sequences never recover from the opening stop-motion animation which curse so many chop-socks from the 70s and 80s. The climactic fight scene is the best of the film, but nothing much compared with many other such climaxes.

The film isn't a total loss, tough. Chia Ling plays an unusual role, spending much of the film with the highly unglamorous look of a sooty-faced near-blind beggar, a role she plays sternly and seriously.

There's the usual quota of comic relief, mainly provided by the stock "endearing cute little kid sidekick" who is actually an irritating little so-and-so, and his battle with the dwarf who caused Brother Blind's sight problem.

The whole thing fails to gel, a result of poor scripting and almost non-existent direction.

To see an example of how a similar cast can be much better used, rent instead the stunning "Crane Fighthers", where Chia Ling and Kam Kong show themselves at peak power. I cannot recommend No-one Can Touch Her, unless there's nothing else on the shelves.

And one final insult - the print I watched had the front credits removed. Grrrrr. It was quite nice watching Chia go through her Drunken Fist paces and being frozen every so often, but so annoying not to have any names to read. Grrrrrr again.
Reviewer Score: 3