Attack of the Joyful Goddess (1983)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2000-12-28
Summary: Dark Fantasy
Not at all what I expected. For a start, the titular Goddess doesn't have much to do with most of the story. Most of the time, she lies face-down in a suitcase. There is quite a lot of Attacking, though.

In keeping with the dark tone, the story is mostly on the sombre side, and is a little slow at the start. Also, if you don't like Chinese Opera, this film could really annoy you, because quite a lot of the story unfolds around or within actual performances.

Naturally, for a film featuring The Five Venoms, there are acrobatics aplenty. The climactic fight scene is a very long and spectacular one, switching between at least twenty participants, and continues with the fantasy feeling of much of the rest of the movie.

Personally, I found the overall mood a bit too sombre and, in the end, rather pointless. However, it's a change from your average near-plotless production line chop sockeys. Certainly a must-see for any Venoms fan and, if you're unfamiliar with Chang Cheh's Taiwanese wonder quintet from the late 70s, this is a pretty good intro. Lukewarm recommendation.
Reviewer Score: 5