Burning Paradise (1994)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-08-26
Summary: tsui hark and ringo lam... damn
The best way to put this film: it's simply not very good. The lead actor (whoever he is) who plays Fong Sai Yuk here pretty much ruined the movie. He fails miserabaly trying to live up to a character formerly played by Jet Li, and does much worse than Zhao Wen Zhou did in OUATIC 4-5. I mean, this guy here, he looks like a burned frog with curly hair (that part was real), while not being able to give good, convincing fights. Overall, you just can't compare him with Jet Li; they don't even come close.

Luckily, there were some pretty nice stunts & events within the movie that were able to save the audiences from throwing the video out the window.

It's pretty slow-paced. As I was watching the first 30 minutes or so of the film, I was so bored that I wanted to fast forward even during fights. (which is something I never do when watching a movie for the first time) The beginning was that horrible. However, as soon as everyone is captured and put into the Red Lotus Temple, the tense is heated up and things really start to get interesting. Great acting and script, and the director certain did a good job making this an intensive, scary, and at times, suspsenseful piece. But the best part of the movie is yet to be announced: tis none other than silly and hilarious conversations. they were perfectly prepared and delivered, and definitely served as a positive factor to the movie. Some of it will make you laugh, others will make you laugh even harder, especially if you understand what they're actually saying in Chinese. Some phrases and sentences just can't be translated into English with their original traditional Chinese meanings. Also, if I may say so, the movie is very unique in its sucessful plot taken place inside the temple, where there're deadly traps and stunts everywhere - Kinda reminds you of the "HOUSE OF TRAPS".

However, the atmosphere of the movie did not make me feel good. Too much violence, totally uncharasmatic actors, and the overall icky scenery which made this movie look like a 1990 episode of Xena. The action u see here is not good at all, especially during the beginning of the film. In fact, the action here is a joke. Lady Assassin from 11 years ago and the chessiest Wong Jing (period-set) movies involve more sophisticated action. But the worst of all, an ugly old tattoed dude tries to have sex with the lead actress. The position he was trying to get in just completely degraded the film. IT'S SICK!! And even worse, that ugly dude reminds me of my host mom from my study abroad! UGH!!!!!! Now u understand why I will never watch this movie again in my life.

Tsui Hark must have lost his direction after falling out with Jet Li.

Reviewer Score: 6