Ghost Fever (1989)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-01-04
Summary: So-so, rather muddled
The large cast and episodic jump cuts make this one less smooth than it could have been. Lots of mouths-wide-open type of humour, some of which works, but the rest is a bit forced.

Like most HK part-horror films, there is nothing scary. Every "fright" is so clearly telegraphed as to lack any impact.

On the plus side, there are some lovely women to look at, among a very good cast. I liked the bit where Charlie Cho is pulled into the TV, and plays roles while Nat Chan changes channels. On one channel, Cho (in a white wig, probably alluding to Simon Yuen) is pitted against Jackie Chan in (I'm guessing here) the original Drunken Master.

Overall - enjoyable nonsense, though nothing great.

Further note - in case of confusion, Cherie Chung does not appear in this film. Beautiful porn actress Yue Chi Wai bears more than a passing resemblance to La Cherie, and Yue is made up to look almost like her twin in this film.

Previously published:
Wanders all over the place, and is subject to bewildering changes of viewpoint. Basically, it's about happily married man (Wong Jing) being spurred on by two skirt-chasing colleagues to play around, now that his wife is pregnant. Bad luck his eventual bit on the side (R Kwan, looking suprisingly young and absolutely gorgeous) is a ghost, whose entire family was brutally murdered. Kwan plays a good-hearted ghost who is lead astray by her vengeful sister (an actress I've seen in many cheap horror flick, whose name I can't place) into doing dire things to Jing and his family & friends. The exorcism scene, which forms most of the last half, swings wildly between scary, funny and gory, but is the best part.
Reviewer Score: 4