Twenty Something (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-01-16
Summary: Nothing special
Mostly a so-what soap opera about a group of young people, all of whom lack a sense of direction.

Contrary to Joe Fierro's comment, there is not much nudity, gratuitous or other wise. I would think this movie only just scrapes into Category III through a combination of lots of talk about sex (the main reason) combined with several nude scenes (though no full frontal) and a couple of fairly strong sex scenes.

I found it difficult to feel much of anything for the characters, and I found this to be the main reason I couldn't watch all of it. The only character who inspired any empathy was Sue, the self-destructive girl who usually wore a black felt hat.... and that emotion was pity.

Jordan Chan is always a joy to watch, and his character Bo provided welcome relief from the frequently glum tone of the story. But his character, as Joe said, is one of many who are one-dimensional.

Briefly, don't rush to see this film. There are better glossy soap operas around, such as "Right Here Waiting".
Reviewer Score: 3