Witch Edited (1992)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-01-09
Summary: A pleasant surprise
Not at all what I expected. I rented this movie knowing nothing about it, except that it featured Lam Wai and Mao Ying (yes, Angela Mao Ying), and I was curious to see what Angela could be up to in the 1990s.

First of all, this is not a great film by any measure. But, being prepared for a total flop, the result was quite entertaining. It is part Chinese Ghost Story, part Mr Vampire, part Ghost, with slabs of soft porn thrown in at random.

The film appears to have been made on the same shoot as "Ghostly Love (1991)", as it has some of the same actors, one of which is the director here.

The story lurches from comedy to flying fighting people to nude/sex scenes (not bad, but unexceptional) to romance (in that order !) and occasional horror.

Seeing Ben Lam trying to play a nice guy was almost surreal. Guess I'm too conditioned to seeing him playing real nasties like in Legend of The Wolf and Roboforce. However, he and Chin make a lovely couple, while he and Lam Wai do quite an entertaining straight-man/funny-man double act.

Angela Mao doesn't have much to do, and does no kicking and stuff, but despite being rather round-faced, she's still nice to look at.

The Laserdisc I rented had the rating Category II on the cover. Either the censors or the printers slipped, as there are several sex scenes with full frontal.

Overall, this is a lot better than many other (and more expensive and better known) Chinese Ghost Story copies. Worth a look.
Reviewer Score: 6