The Demons (1984)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-01-19
Summary: Mesmerising but so-so
Plenty of action here, but very little soul or character empathy. And the acting is almost totally without feeling.

But what really grabbed me was the English-dubbed dialogue. The spoken lines, especially in the second half, are breathtakingly stupid. And the way they are performed by the English voice actors only makes things worse. These guys must have done even less preparation than the porn actors from Jesus Of Montreal. They take long pauses in the middle of sentences, join other together, put the wrong emotion in very often. In writing, you might think this is simply pedantic nitpicking. But wait till you have to listen to to ! Mind numbingly awful ! Makes you wish for subtitles, even of awful quality.

Okay, but back to the good point. yes, there is just one - the action. Being a Venoms production, you'd expect lots of acrobatics and skillful fighting, and you get it. Also, they mix in a lot of weird black magic. This serves to put the film into the category of "offbeat", but I'm not sure it made it any better.
Reviewer Score: 4