The Magic Amethyst (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-01-29
Summary: Not very good
No subtitles.

Another case of the "misleading cover syndrome". The LD shows a large pic of Sib Hu wearing an elaborate Indian outfit. But she is only on screen for just under ten minutes, mostly in the second half, and her character does practically nothing. This is very much a guest role.

Even less can be said for Alex Fong's pointless appearance, which lasts about two minutes, and Lau Siu Gwan doesn't fare much better.

It is left to an unusual trio of B-actors to carry much of the film. Super-cutie Tsang Siu Yin and Poon Tak Chuen have a running battle as to who can overact the most, and Poon only wins because he has more screen time. Alexander Lo does surprisingly well as the baddie.

The story is ridiculous and muddled, though there is plenty of gunfire and fighting in the second half, much of which features an unnamed Indian actor who shows off some pretty mean fu skills.

So, who'd watch this mess ? Dedicated fans who can't get enough of the earthly angel Siu Yin (yes, you guessed it, I am one of those) will enjoy seeing one of her bigger roles. Unfortunately, she takes no part in the second half. And fan is Alexander Lo will probably get a kick out of it as well.

These two groups apart, I really cannot recommend this shoddy mess.

Reviewer Score: 3