Drunken Master II (1994)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2002-04-03
Summary: I almost couldn't believe it
Even if you have to put up with the Dub, you must see this movie. This is the Jackie Chan movie that changed my mind about him. Before seeing this, I had always disliked the guy and his movies. They were fun to watch, but still I thought he sucked. Of course, I must have been blind to think that, but I awe my dues to DM2 for opening my eyes. See it if only for the incredible fight scenes, which had made this one of the best hard core/straight forward martial arts movies of all time. The finale is the best fight scene I have ever seen; and coming from me--one of the biggest fans of the genre (I've seen 200 kung fu movies)--that's a lot. Also, I'm sure nobody is aware of this, but this movie combines the best fight-actor from movie and TV: Jackie Chan and Felix Wong, respectively. Felix Wong has been in numerous TVB wuxia (martial arts) series and is considered by most people the number one actor of period series. His kung fu is also very good.

If anyone thinks he should see Drunken Master 1 first--since this one is a sequel--not so. This is a perfect stand-alone that has no connection with the original. It's not one of those whose prequel needs to be seen first (or at all, in this case).

Reviewer Score: 9