My Neighbours Are Phantoms (1990)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-01-31
Summary: So-so
I'd been looking for, and forward to, this film for years, after having thoroughly confused it with Ghost Fever (which has a similar story, theme and cast). And finally having got it, 'tis not as much fun as I'd hoped.

This could be partly due to the comedy being very much in classic Stephen Chow territory (he's not in the film) - toilet humour, bum jokes, food jokes etc, which is the sort of humour which I hate.

Not that the whole film suffers to Chow curse. Much of it is amusing to wacky, with little restraint and much opening of mouths wide. Amy Yip has a reasonably large part (yes, you may snigger), and one of the vampires even gets to undo the top button on her low-cut dress (hmmmmmm).

Having paired them for so long, I can't help comparing this one to Ghost Fever, and it doesn't come up well. The story is even more jumbled than these farces usually are. But they do get a few good shots at parodying Chinese Ghost Story, there's Chingmy and Amy to gawk at, and who can ask more of a light ghost vampire comedy ?
Reviewer Score: 5