Romance of the West Chamber (1997)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-02-05
Summary: Pretty awful
Quite disappointing. I was expecting at least a lushly photographed period porn with lots of skin, especially since this movie shares some of the same actors as EGS-Perfect Match.

But alas, the production values appear to be much lower here. The film seems to have been shot at nearly video quality, which means that seeing it on the big screen is likely to be about as good as a video (terrible shame).

Some riveting dialogue : "I know you're kill".

And the acting, gawd. The word that comes to mind is "stagey". Exaggerated movements and mostly slow delivery of lines make it appear to be a photographed stage play. God, it was painful to watch even the normally-good-value Tsui Kam Kong manage not much at all.

Judging by the number of previous versions, this is a classic and popular love story. The plot details left me a little puzzled, with repeated references to "antithesis" and "the culprits".

The sex/love scenes beginning near the one-hour mark were quite good, even a little erotic, but is was too little to late.

Watch Erotic Ghost Story II again instead !

Reviewer Score: 2