The Incredible Kung Fu Master (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-02-16
Summary: 1/3 Awful, 2/3 Great
The first half-hour or so of this pic is mostly silly comedy. Think The Three Stooges having learned some Wing Chun. Either tolerate it, or fast forward past the really silly bits, 'cause the rest is definitely worth it.

From the point where Sei Lengjai begins serious training with Fei Jai, the fu and the training sequences are good to outstanding. Stephen Tung does jaw-dropping stuff, like leaping up and touching his toes in mid air then landing with legs spread parallel to the ground and feet resting on two tables about six feet apart, then proceeds to toss trays of buns from table to table. Major ouch !

Lee Hoi Sang brings in a group of coordinated acrobatic fighters, and their scenes against the two leads are breathtaking (some of the action design in this scene was later recycled in The 18 Bronze Girls).

And the choice of music is really something else. When Stephen Tung is training on oil, the tune played is similar to Zorba The Greek although, by some of the physical comedy, I think it was meant to give a Russian ambience.

Overall, recommended.
Reviewer Score: 7