Enter the Fat Dragon (1978)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-02-23
Summary: Uneven, but some great bits
This is another half-and-half effort. That is, the first half is mostly very silly comedy with less fu, while the second half is (a little) more serious with some simply stunning action sequences. Stuff good enough to rewind and watch in slow-mo, several times.

The story is standard Samo-stupid-comedy fare, and nothing to get excited about. Watch it for the at-times-incredible and inventive action sequences. Samo's duel with Leung Ka Yan, near the end, is a highlight.

Overall though, there is far less action in this one that you'd expect, and apart from the inventive fights, the remainder really isn't all that funny.

The bulk of the soundtrack was lifted from one of my favourite moog synthesizer albums of the 1970s, "Pop Arp" by "Mister K" (a.k.a a Frenchman named Matt Camison), released around 1974. The cute and chirpy tunes do provide some bounce to some of the comic escapades.
Reviewer Score: 5