Master of Zen (1994)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-02-27
Summary: Dull
I'm really puzzled as to whom this movie is aimed at. A big budget production with beautiful photography and a good cast. The story seems to have good intentions i.e. to inspire the audience to think about matters spiritual.

Trouble is, apart from the opening sequence, this film is so relentlessly DULL. The term "gently paced" doesn't begin to do it justice. The large cinema audience (mostly Chinese) didn't seem moved by it, nor was I.

I've heard several other people place this film in the same area as Clara Law's Temptation Of A Monk. I can heartily agree with this. Both films are artistically pretentious and great cures for insomnia.

For a completely different point of view, read the review at Link #1.

Previously published:
Awful ! Dull ! Starts off promisingly, with gorgeous colour and a great fight scene. Then quickly collapses into a tedium from which it never recovers. There's a big difference between a film which is carefully and slowly paced while still thoughtful, and one which is just badly written, poorly paced and with nothing to latch onto. This is the latter. Definitely miss it!
Reviewer Score: 2