Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl (1998)
Reviewed by: reelcool on 2001-03-01
Summary: Same O, Same O
Nice effort for first time director, "Joan Chen", but lacks originality, and reeks of "Ang Lee". Yes, this is a story with all the trappings of what it is like to be human in a miserable situation. Yes, this is a film about China during the cultural revolution, and how it made a naive, beautiful, young girl's life "suck". Yes, this movie was even banned in China, and was filmed secretly under the noses of the Chinese government. Unfortunately, this is all very common for every film maker in China today. "Xui Xui" offers nothing new to the world of film, just a safe passage for a shrewd, career oriented, debut director. Why not have some "balls" and make a Science Fiction Movie in China.