Chez N'Ham Story (1993)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-03-19
Summary: Enjoyable, but extremely silly and tasteless
I think the other reviewers are being a bit tough on this one.

Agreed, for the first half, the wackiness and mouth-open-wide expressions are very forced and even irritating, but I found the second half worked quite well. Either the cast gradually warmed to the task, or I became acclimatized to the silliness.

If nothing else, Joey's almost literally angelic character makes this film watchable. She's at her lovely radiant best, especially playing a character who radiates good and naivete.

After the too-silly first half, Blacky Ko injects some ripper action sequences, and the one where he mainly duels with Ng Man Tat is excellent.

Of course, the question of why anyone would want Joey assassinated is not one which this wild farce dwells upon. It also has the (for that time in HK film) regulation swipe at gay men, with all the sensitivity of a pair of sledgehammers.

Certainly no classic, but if you can get over the less-than-great first half, good silly fun.
Reviewer Score: 6