Golden Swallow (1968)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-07-26
Summary: This is so gay....
I just find it very, very, gay, indeed, that some guy would take a perfectly fine movie in Mandarin and dub Cantonese to it. This is obvious because we can hear the original Mandarin language softly in the background! So the whole time I lost about 2/3 of the picture on screen and had to put up with a dubbed version.

This 1968 Chang Cheh production is hailed as a SB classic. However, few things about it are quite disturbing. 1) Wang Yu seems to have no swords skill what-so-ever. The whole time he simply waved his sword around a million times-even though one could feel his heavy power. 2) There seems to be a killing rampage going on here. Even Cheng Pei Pei kills everybody she sees - regardless of whether they deserved to die. For instance, one scene has several people mistaking her for the murder of their loved ones (real murderer is Wang Yu, of course), but Cheng Pei Pei didn't reason with these guys at all and simply slaughtered them at once. The moral value here is at conflict.

Other than that, we get a good plot and a realistic love story. Lo Lieh proves once again what a magnificent actor he is. I would not recommend this film to anyone who is against violence, since there seems to be a bunch. Also, for anyone looking for GOOD action, forget it! (Wang Yu is especially disappointing) But if you like a good story and pretty nice acting, like I do, then this film will be worth your time. Though I did like One-Armed Swordsman 1 & 2, Killer Darts, & 12 Deadly Coins much better.