The Accidental Spy (2001)
Reviewed by: ipkevin on 2001-04-02
Summary: Best Jackie Chan film since Drunken Master 2
The least awkward and best-written HK Jackie Chan film in a long time. It's
surprising how it so successfully and unself-consciously appropriates a
Hollywood feel! Especially after Who Am I?, where JC himself admitted that
they tried to do a Hollywood film but you can always tell it just doesn't
feel right. Don't ask me exactly what makes Accidental Spy successful as a
'Hollywood style' film. It could be the high production values. The slick
cinematography. The good pacing. The attention to plot in the sense that
it doesn't feel made up as they go along & that the plot rather than the
action drives the movie. The lack of any overtly goofy elements (eg
overacting badguys dressed like clowns). The use of English and other languages in a realistic way. That JC actually has a dapper and stylish wardrobe for once!

Bottomline is that I really enjoyed it. The film travel from HK to Korea to
Turkey and effortlessly picks up the local flavor as it goes along. Oh, and
the music is nice, too! A lot of 'ethnic' percussion - It has some flair.

Regarding the action scenes, they are better than expected considering all
the complaints. The Jackie fights are here. They have the timing and
rhythm we've all come to know and love (esp since no one else in Hong Kong
seems to be able figure out the rhythm anymore - See all the 'continuous
flailing' in Skyline Cruisers, China Strike Force, etc, etc.). The problem
is that the numerous fight scenes are rather short. If they had included a
massive showstopper fight like that in Who Am I? then no one would be
complaining. Hell, if they had, this would be a better film than Supercop.
Instead, the final battle is replaced with a big truck stunt/action scene
that is "just" good. I expected it to be boring, but it really is tense
with one or two moments that surprised and shocked me. Contrast this with
Thunderbolt, whose 15 minute+ racing finale seemed like a how-to on making
boring racing scenes. So while it's a bit different from JC's usual stunt-
& fight-laden movies, it does deliver a good amount of action. It's nice
change of pace for JC... a JC film for the new millenium.