Shaolin Temple (1982)
Reviewed by: pjshimmer on 2001-04-04
Summary: one of Jet Li's worst
Rather ordinary plot, poor fighting choreography, ok acting, but very solid training scenes from an actual crew of Shaolin Monks(or could be professional martial artists, if I'm not mistaking). I had heard from my family that this is one of the biggest classics of all time, so I had great expecations. Sadly it came out to be one of the biggest disappointments. Shows how even with brilliant martial art skills, you just can't display them at all without good choreography from Yuen Woo Ping, Yuen Hua, Liu Chia Liang, or other action experts.

One thing that really bothered me about this movie is the little usage of words here. The characters just go "umm, hmm, ehhe, hehe, eeehhhh, hmuuum, waaaa, yaaaaaa," and stuff like that all the time, in replacements of words. I personally thought it sucked. I mean, if your best friend has just been killed, realisticaly, you're not just gonna look at him without saying anything run and kill the person who killed him, and afterwards still not say anything to your dead friend. You would at least say something like "no" or "you [the person who killed] must die". But anyway, a lot of old school films lack sophisticated language, which is kinda sad. Fortunately, this problem was eliminated in nearly all new wave kung fu movies. [6/10]