See-Bar (1980)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-04-10
Summary: Muddled but fun
This looks very much like an early try at making the God Of Gamblers films, but there is far more goofiness than serious villainy. This film was made around the time when there was a serious push to translate Chow's success on TV over to the cinema. He is backed by a top-notch and huge cast - nearly everyone looks either familiar or striking (although it's usually that they look strikingly ugly !).

The story wanders all over the place before settling down. There's a silly opening sequence, a petty fight with some bikies, Git assuring his worried boss that he doesn't have VD, Git bragging about his ability at cards.

Chow is cast as an easygoing and happy soul who gets in and out of petty disputes with a smile and charm. But he's drawn in by the crooks, curses his own stupidity, and is out for revenge.

The story does at times descend to the serious and the nasty, and there are a couple of quite good action scenes. For instance, when Pai Ying nearly kicks the living daylights out of Wong Ching on the building site. But the light comic tone is never far away. The ending, to say the least, would be far from credible in real life, but as a neat and just ending, it suits the feel of the film. The support cast especially has a wow of a time with their characters, and this is what makes the film largely enjoyable.

Recommended silly fun.
Reviewer Score: 7