Disco Fever (1979)
Reviewed by: STSH on 2001-04-10
Summary: Weak silly comedy
This film is a vehicle for curly-haired Yi Lui to act like a real idiot. Think of this film as a kind-of low grade Jerry Lewis-style take on Saturday Night Fever (the poster makes this very clear !). Yi's character battles the irritations of everyday working life, together with his work situation and lack of talent, to turn himself into John Travolta's character, at one stage referred to as John Toyota !

There are lots of long sequences of people groovin' and boppin' away on poorly-lit dance floors, and this is probably the one feature Disco Fever has truly in common with SNF. The luscious Candy Yu is listed as a co-star, but she's not on screen for much of the show. A shame.

There is no sex and very little violence here. This is a silly, weak comedy which provides a few laughs, at best.
Reviewer Score: 3