Comrades, Almost a Love Story (1996)
Reviewed by: rolandyu on 2001-04-16
Summary: Lovable!
This movie is very special to me since it marked my "first real" encounter with HK Movies. This is also the first HK VCD that I bought. I am a big fans of Maggie Cheung and she surely plays great in this movie.

The story is basically simple, but the details and the way that Peter Chan visualised it are really the essence of this movie. I love all the twists, especially at the end of the movie. For me, that was the greatest ending I've ever seen.

The actors and actresses plays great, especially Leon and Maggie. Musics? Undoubtedly, Teresa Teng's songs are great. It's kinda oldy, but I appreciate her work very much. I think she is a real singer, compared to today's pop singer.

Overall, this is one of my best and favorite movies.